Does my Betta Need a Hiding Spot? (Explained)

Your average home has quite a few hiding spots. But do fish need hiding spots too? Turns out, they might.

Bettas in particular seem to love having a place to hide away, and there are a few reasons why.

In this blog post, we will explore the reasons why does my Betta need a hiding spot and how to create one for them. So, keep reading to learn more.

What is a bettas hiding spot?

A hiding place offers security for bettas because they are not schooling fish.

In your house, there are a creaky floorboard, a pile of laundry in the corner, or a spot behind the couch that can all provide an anxious person with some much-needed privacy and respite from the world.

Bettas also feel more secure when they have places to hide.

Why does my betta need a hiding spot?

Betta, unlike other species, is not schooling fish and will fight with each other, regardless of gender.

Bettas prefer to swim alone, however, they will fight with each other. They will fight until one of them is dead.

Bettas prefer to swim alone and also need a comfortable place to hide.

It’s best to have hiding spots for each betta because it provides comfort and security.

If your Betta doesn’t have a hiding spot, he may become stressed or shy. A stressed or shy Betta is more likely to get sick.

So, provide your Betta with plenty of places to swim and explore, too

Types of Bettas hiding spots 

Bettas like different kinds of hiding places. These come in many forms:

Betta log or Betta stump: A hollow log or stump with an entrance just large enough for the Betta to fit through

Betta bowl: Any container that can hold water, e.g. a glass jar or a bowl

Plant pot: A hollow plant pot just large enough for the Betta to fit through

Betta cave: Any object shaped like a half-sphere, e.g. half a squash ball

Betta hammock: Anything the Betta can lie across that is just wide enough for them to fit

All of the above are great hiding places because they create a safe space for the Betta to relax in.

Examples of good, bad, and ugly hiding spots for your betta fish 

Good hiding spots include plants, aquatic caves, and under the tank lid.

Bad hiding spots include fake plants or fake caves because your betta might get stuck in there.

Ugly hiding spots include any place where your betta can get hurt. Examples of these places include behind the filter, under large rocks, and inside of an old shoe.

How to make a simple DIY hidden cave for your betta

A DIY hidden cave for your Betta is easy to make.

All you need are items from around the house such as rocks, marbles, and even a toilet paper tube.

It will only take 5 minutes of your time and there’s no need for special tools or equipment.

What you need:

-TP roll Rocks Marbles Paper cutter


-Something sharp to poke holes in the tube (like a fork)

What you do:

1. Cut right above the white line to separate the halves of the roll.  

2. Fold down about an inch of the top half of the paper that you just cut off.

3. Then just slowly push your rocks and marbles into the roll.

4. Then just poke a few holes on both ends and voila, you’re done.


1. You can also use aquarium-safe paint to create patterns or pictures on your tube cave for your betta.

2. You can make a DIY hiding spot from practically anything/anywhere. You also do not need to spend a lot of money.

What types of places should you avoid hiding your bettas?

You may never want to put your betta fish in a small plastic container for an extended period of time.

It is insensitive and cruel because the fish needs to move around for its muscles to stay healthy.

It also can cause other problems. If you are absolutely, positively concerned about the betta staying in a small space, you should have the lid on very loosely.

The betta can breathe through its gills and it can travel between the water and air, but this is still cruel because it can be uncomfortable.

Putting the betta in a small container like that would be like putting you in a box where you could only fit your head and you had to live like that for the rest of your life. So, don’t do it.


How to Avoid Betta Fight?

If you have multiple bettas housed together make sure to put them in a tank that is at least 30 gallons. This way the bettas will not fight with each other

How much hiding spots do bettas need?

The betta fish is a very active species, so it doesn’t have much of a need for hiding spots. Even if the betta wants to hide, there are still lots of places it can find.

The betta generally inhabits rice paddies and slow-moving or stagnant water

Do Betta Fish Like to Hide?

Yes, they like to hide. If you are housing betta fish together it’s important to provide multiple hiding spots for each betta because one won’t be enough. Make sure your bettas have enough room to swim and hide.

So if you’re thinking about setting up your aquarium, be sure to include a cozy little hiding spot for your betta.

Final Words

Aquatic caves or dense, planted corners work great in making a betta feel safe.

If you have multiple bettas housed together make sure to put them in a tank that is at least 30 gallons.

This way the bettas will not fight with each other too much, however, they still require hiding places. Hopefully, you will find the answer to why does my betta needs a hiding spot.

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