Dragon Scale Bettas: Everything You Should Know

Dragon Scale Bettas: Dragon Scale Bettas fish are named after the oldest fearsome animal known to man, the Dragon. Dragon Scale is less in number so the price is higher. Dragon Scale Bettas are very aggressive fish and live up to 4 years. Dragon Bettas are nicknamed Siamese fighting fish and look very beautiful.

Dragon Scale Bettas, a mesmerizing breed of Siamese fighting fish, has captured the hearts of aquatic enthusiasts worldwide. These captivating creatures have become highly sought-after in ornamental fish with their shimmering metallic scales resembling the mythical dragon’s armor. Exhibiting a wide range of vibrant colors, this type of betta brings a touch of elegance to any aquarium.

Their unique appearance and fierce yet graceful nature have made them a favorite among hobbyists and breeders alike. Through selective breeding and careful genetic manipulation, breeders have achieved stunning scale size, color intensity, and finnage variations.

As a result, Dragon Scale Bettas have become true living works of art, enchanting observers and leaving a lasting impression in the aquatic realm. In this article, I’ll discuss everything about Dragon Scale Betta fish in detail. So, let’s get started:

An Overview of Dragon Scale Bettas

Dragon Scale Bettas are a unique variety of Betta Fish renowned for their distinctive, thick, metallic scale pattern. This scale pattern covers their entire body, giving them a dragon-like appearance. Named after their dragon-like scales, these beautiful creatures showcase an array of vibrant colors, including red, blue, gold, and white.

Dragon Scale Bettas Image

Making their first appearance in 2004, Dragon Scale Bettas quickly garnered much acclaim in Thailand. Their popularity escalated rapidly amongst aquarists, positioning them as one of the most sought-after aquatic pets. Consequently, breeders embarked on a quest to create many unique color patterns within this species, further enhancing their appeal.

Dragon Scale Bettas has a standard short-finned or long-finned variety, and its dragon scales extend to the head, sometimes covering the eyes. However, this condition, known as the ‘Diamond Eye,’ doesn’t generally hinder the Betta’s quality of life as they have excellent navigation skills.

The Appearance of Dragon Scale Betta Fishes

The dragon scale betta fishes come with a beautiful appearance. These stunning fish have scales that are metallic in color and resemble the scales of a dragon. Darker edges line the scales, giving them a depth and prominence uncommon for fish. Copper metallic “dragon scales” are a typical feature on Dragon Scale Bettas, while many more color and fin variants are available.

Dragon Scale Betta Fishes

Dragon scale bettas may get to a size of around 2-3 inches (5.1-7.6 cm), growing just as significant as other Betta splendens varieties. They usually thrive in a solo aquarium that is heated at least 5 gallons (18.9 L), has enough filtration, and is ideally planted with natural plants. They also have the same aggressive personality types as less elaborate bettas.

Dragon Scale Betta Fish Lifespan

With the correct circumstances, dragon scale betta fish can live as long as other varieties. Your fish might thus survive for five years or longer! It is incredibly likely that you will get a fish that is not genetically designed to live for a long period because this type of betta fish has been intentionally bred to extremes.

Dragon Scale Betta Fish Lifespan

This isn’t always the case, though, and depending on how they were bred, it’s possible to have a Dragon Scale Betta with a shorter lifespan (between 2-3 years). For instance, breeders frequently give more weight to aesthetic factors like fins, which, while attractive, may interfere with basic activities like swimming as well as breathing.

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Dragon Scale Betta Fish Cost

Compared to other types of Betta Fish, dragon scale betta fishes are frequently a little more costly. Where you buy them will have a big impact on how much they cost. If you’re buying a dragon scale betta male, these fish will frequently cost between $15 to $25. Due to the fact that a female’s fins are not as prominent as a male’s, they are often less costly.

Dragon Scale Betta Fish Cost

You could spend more money if you buy from a breeder. This is mostly because fish are usually given a lot of time and money by breeders who sell immediately to consumers. Naturally, the consumer bears the cost of these expenses.

Caring Tips for Dragon Scale Bettas

Caring Tips for Dragon Scale Bettas

Dragon Scale Bettas, with their vibrant colors and intricate scale patterns, are a fascinating species to keep as pets. However, they require a level of care and attention to ensure they stay healthy and live a long life. Here are some essential tips for caring for your Dragon Scale Bettas.

Suitable Tank Conditions

Dragon Scale Bettas thrive in freshwater environments that mimic their natural habitats. A minimum tank size of 5 gallons is recommended, though larger tanks can facilitate better movement and less stress for the fish. Keep the water temperature between 76-82 degrees Fahrenheit and maintain a pH level between 6.5-7.5.

Proper Nutrition

Dragon Scale Bettas are carnivorous, the same as all other types of Bettas splendens. Therefore, a healthy serving of meat should be included in their diet. Feeding these Bettas pellets as well as flakes is acceptable, but make sure the primary element is meat. A Dragon Scale Betta’s diet can also contain live food, frozen food, as well as freeze-dried food sources.

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Frequent Water Changes

You should change the aquarium water regularly for the well-being of your Dragon Scale Betta. You can change the whole water or can change 20-25% of the tank’s water weekly to help maintain water quality and minimize the buildup of toxins.

Hideouts and Vegetation

Dragon Scale Bettas appreciate places to hide and rest like their wild counterparts. Implementing live plants, caves, or other aquarium decorations can make your betta feel more secure and less stressed.

Monitor Health

Keep an eye on your Dragon Scale Betta for signs of illness, such as lethargy, loss of appetite, or abnormal swimming patterns. You should also contact a veterinarian to get the best advice if necessary.

Tank Mates for Dragon Scale Bettas

Male dragon scale bettas are not the best fish in communal aquariums since they are aggressive and possessive. However, if you make cautious introductions and keep the total number of dragon scale betta fish to one, they can adjust to a tank that is shared with other species.

Tank Mates for Dragon Scale Bettas

On the other hand, female dragon scale bettas are often more laid-back and get along well with different fish types, making them an ideal choice for shared tanks. Although it’s unlikely that the male and female dragon scales would fight, you should keep an eye on them to maintain a peaceful coexistence.

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Dragon Scale Betta Health Issues

While bettas generally share common health concerns with other fish, there is an exception regarding Dragon bettas. These unique variants appear to be more vulnerable to blindness and dropsy, potentially due to their metallic scales. Dropsy is a bacterial infection characterized by swollen abdomens and sunken eyes.

Betta Health Issues

Sometimes, it can lead to the scales growing over the eyes, causing blindness. In addition to these specific issues, dragon scale bettas are prone to other health complications similar to Betta fish species. These concerns often arise due to inadequate water maintenance.

Are Dragon Scale Bettas Good Choice for Aquariums?

Dragon Scale Bettas can be a good choice for aquarium enthusiasts seeking unique and visually striking fish. Their iridescent, metallic scales make them stand out among other Betta fish varieties. However, it’s essential to consider some factors before adding them to an aquarium.

Bettas Good Choice for Aquariums

Dragon Scale Bettas require specific care, including pristine water conditions, a well-balanced diet, and regular monitoring for health issues.  Their delicate scales make them more prone to infections and other complications. With a good understanding of Betta fish care and commitment to providing optimal conditions are more likely to succeed in keeping Dragon Scale Bettas healthy and thriving.

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Wrap Up

Dragon Scale Bettas, the captivating Siamese fighting fish with shimmering metallic scales, have become the prized gems of aquarium enthusiasts worldwide. Their vibrant colors and intricate scale patterns, resembling the mythical dragon’s armor, make them a living work of art. With their fierce yet graceful nature, these bettas leave a lasting impression, adding elegance and beauty to any aquatic realm.

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