Can Male Betta Fish Live With Mollies

Yes, male betta fish can live with mollies. Male bettas are often aggressive toward each other, so it is best to keep only one male per tank. Mollies are peaceful fish and do well in groups, so they make good tank mates for male bettas.

It is important to provide plenty of hiding places and swimming space for both fish species.

Keeping Betta Fish with Guppies? or Mollies?

Are you wondering if male betta fish can live with mollies? The answer is yes, they can! In fact, many people believe that keeping male bettas with mollies can be beneficial for both species of fish.

Here are a few reasons why:

  • Male bettas are typically less aggressive than other fish species, so they make good tank mates for mollies.
  • Mollies are known to help keep tanks clean and free of algae, which is something that all betta owners appreciate!
  • Both fish enjoy similar water conditions, so there’s no need to worry about one type of fish out-competing the other.
  • Most importantly, male bettas and mollies get along swimmingly! They often swim together in groups and seem to genuinely enjoy each other’s company.

Will Betta Fish Kill Mollies

Will Betta Fish Kill Mollies

If you’re thinking about keeping a betta fish with mollies, you might be wondering if bettas will kill them. The answer is maybe. Bettas are carnivores and they may see the smaller mollies as food.

However, whether or not your betta will kill your mollies depends on the individual fish. Some bettas are more aggressive than others and some may leave the mollies alone. If you’re concerned that your betta might kill your mollies, you can try feeding them live food (such as brine shrimp) to help satisfy their hunger.

You can also provide hiding places for the mollies so they can escape if necessary.

Can Male Bettas Live With Mollys?

Can Male Bettas Live With Mollys?

Bettas and Mollies can live peacefully together in the same tank as long as a few conditions are met.

  • First, the tank must be at least 20 gallons.
  • Second, there should be more Mollies than Bettas. A ratio of two Mollies for every one Betta is a good starting point.
  • Third, both fish need to be introduced to the tank at the same time so that they can establish their own territories from the start.
  • Fourth, provide plenty of hiding places for each fish using plants, rocks, or other decorations.
  • Fifth, keep an eye on water quality and do regular partial water changes to maintain cleanliness and prevent ammonia build-up. With these guidelines in mind, Bettas and Mollies can make great tank mates! They are both active swimming fish that enjoy similar habitats.
    They are also both peaceful by nature which makes them compatible with each other.

Can I Put Molly Fish With Betta?

It is generally not a good idea to put molly fish with a betta. Molly fish tend to be very active and can often out-compete betta for food. Additionally, the long fins of bettas make them prime targets for nipping by mollies.

If you do choose to put these two types of fish together, be sure to provide plenty of places for the betta to hide and rest and keep a close eye on them for signs of stress or aggression.


From the title of the blog post, we can see that the author is wondering if male betta fish can live with mollies. The author begins by discussing how both bettas and mollies are peaceful fish that can coexist together. However, the author also states that there are some things to consider before putting them together in a tank.

For example, mollies are much larger than bettas and they produce a lot more waste. This could lead to problems with water quality in the tank. In addition, male bettas can be aggressive toward each other and may fight if they are put in a tank with other males.

For these reasons, it is important to do some research before adding any new fish to an existing tank.