Can Betta Live With Dwarf Gourami?

Dwarf and Bettas are two aquarium fishes. They come from the same species, but they have some common differences.

These two fishes are popular, and you may see them in aquariums. But, they can’t live together in one aquarium.

The main reasons why betta can’t live with Dwarf Gourami are aggressiveness, same family member, and same water column dwellers.

So, let’s check out the following information to get further information about Can Betta Live With Dwarf Gourami?

3 Main Reasons Why Dwarf Gouramis Can’t Live with Bettas

Can Dwarf Gouramis Live with Female Bettas?

Dwarf and Bettas are two different fishes for the tanks. They have some differences according to their behavior, shape, species, and others, which don’t help them to stay together.

Here, you will find three core reasons which help you to understand why a Dwarf can’t live with bettas.

1. Aggressive Behavior

Bettas are more aggressive and highly territorial than a Dwarf Gourami fish on the tank. Bettas behave most aggressively with the male Dwarf.

That’s why Dwarf always thought that the Bettas threaded for them, and they couldn’t live with Bettas properly.

On the other hand, Dwarf Gouramis are peaceful fish, and they never thought to fight any other fishes in the aquarium.

So, it would be better for you to avoid keeping Bettas with Dwarf.

2. Position of the Fishes

According to several journals, Dwarf Gourami lives on the middle side of the aquarium.

They can’t stay on the tank’s bottom or top side. On the other hand, Bettas also live in the middle section of the tank, which may not be a good option for them.

When your tank comes in small size and keeps Bettas and Dwarf at the same time, they fight and, of course, ill as soon as possible.

That’s why it is advisable for you to avoid keeping Dwarf and Bettas at the same time as the tank.

3. Same Origin

Dwarf Gourami and Bettas come from the exact origin, and that’s why they are relatives.

Bettas are aggressive, and they never want to stay with their relatives. So, when you keep Bettas with their relatives, it behaves aggressively.

On the other hand, Dwarf Gourami is a peaceful fish in the aquarium. This type of fish never wants to get aggressive behavior from other fishes; that’s why they fear living with Bettas.

So, it would help if you kept in mind that you must avoid keeping Bettas and Dwarf under the aquarium simultaneously.

Can Dwarf Gouramis Live with Female Bettas?

Why Dwarf Gouramis Can't Live with Bettas

The official answer is no. The Dwarf Gourami can’t live with female Bettas. Why? Because Bettas provide aggressive behavior with Dwarf.

It doesn’t matter if the Bettas come with male and female. On the contrary, the Dwarf is a peaceful fish and comes from the same origin as female Bettas.

The female Bettas or male Bettas come with aggressive behavior with Dwarf Gourami.

However, they come from the same family but can’t live together. I hope you can understand what I said about this matter.

How to Keep Dwarf Gourami with Bettas?

How to Keep Dwarf Gourami with Bettas?

Bettas and Dwarf have not stayed under a single tank, without any doubt. But, when you haven’t any option to separate them, you can take some proper actions to keep them safe under a single tank.

From my experience, I shared with some proper guide which helps you to stay these two fishes under a tank without getting any problems.

1. Choose Female Dwarf for Bettas

Bettas behave aggressively for both male and female Dwarfs. But, they behave aggressively toward female Dwarfs less than males.

So, when you keep female Dwarf Gourami on the Bettas tank, you can keep them a little bit safe without facing any bugs.

2. Add Plenty of Ample Space

Ample space helps the fish to hide them properly. You should add plenty of ample hiding space on the tank so that Dwarf easily hides when the Dwarf feels threat from Bettas. 

If possible, you should add natural samples under the tank so that the fish think that they are real and live under a river.

3. Choose a Large Size Tank

Dwarf and Bettas are living in the middle section of the tank. They never stay on the top or bottom side of the tank, and that’s why they can’t live together. 

When you use a small aquarium for these fishes, they fight each other and can’t live together.

On the contrary, when you choose a large size tank, they can walk to their living place. The large tank also helps them walk properly and grow properly. 

So, it is essential for you to choose a large-size tank for both Bettas and Dwarf Gouramis.

4. Use Divider

It is one of the safest processes which you can follow to keep them together. When you use a divider, they can’t meet each other and also feel safe from each other.

Note you need to use a divider that comes with a crystal and clear view.

According to my experience, glass is truly far better as a divider. The glass helps these two fishes see each other, and also likes that the tank comes in large size.

So, you can use a glass as a divider for both Dwarf and Bettas fish.

5. Choose an Environment-friendly Tank

You will discover plenty of tanks on the market, which are not good options for Dwarf and Bettas.

However, it would help if you chose a tank that comes with crystal and a clear design.

On the other hand, you can also consider a natural tank that doesn’t produce any bad smell so that it can’t behave aggressively.

6. Keep Same Age & Same Size

When you keep the same age and same size Dwarf and Betta on the tank, they can’t come with much aggressiveness.

However, Betta thought that the Dwarf was strong enough and looked larger than him, which helped Betta reduce their aggressive behavior.

I hope that you can understand whatever I said to you.

What Fish Can Live with Bettas?

I found plenty of fish that are ready to live with Bettas. I made a list for you so that you don’t need to search here and there to get the best idea of fishes to live with Bettas. So, let’s break down the following list of the fishes.

  • Kuhli Loaches
  • Malaysian Trumpet Snails
  • Cory Catfish
  • Ember Tetras
  • Harlequin Rasboras

Can Pearl Gouramis Live with Bettas?

No, Pearl and Bettas can’t live together because they come from the same family. Bettas can’t live with relatives.

When they see the relatives, they behave aggressively, which may harm other fishes like Pearl Gourami.

So, it would be better for you to avoid Pearl Gourami with Bettas so that you can easily keep your Bettas.

FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

Q: Can angelfish live with bettas?

Answer: Bettas and angelfish live together peacefully without creating any problems. Both of the fishes behave well, and they never come in aggressive mode. On the other hand, these two fishes come from different families, so they can’t think they are relatives.

Q: What fish can not live with angelfish?

Answer: You can’t keep Axolotls with Angelfish because Axolotls are aggressive and think that they are suitable for eating. However, you will also get several types of fish on the market which helps you to keep angelfish together without getting any problems.


Now, you have enough information about Dwarf and Bettas that you can keep them together or not. On the other hand, Dwarf and Bettas can’t live together for several reasons I have already discussed.

I strongly believe that you can keep them together when you take proper action. According to my experience, the divider is one of the best methods which helps the users to keep Dwarf and Bettas together under a tank.

Do you have any questions or queries about this matter? If your answer is yes, you let me know in the following comment section without getting any problems.